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FilmJax - Fostering Filmmakers Grant Program

Fostering Filmmakers Grant Program

Content The Jacksonville Fostering Filmmakers Grant Program seeks to foster independent filmmaking in Jacksonville by assisting local filmmakers with partial funding of locally produced motion pictures whose goal is wider distribution via theatrical, streaming services and/or film festivals. Applicant must provide proof of matching funds (minimum of $10,000) with the application along with the production budget; Proof of matching funds may come in the form of a bank statement, proof of present grant award (non-Duval County grants only), or guarantee from financial institution, film fund, or loan company; Grant of $10,000 to be distributed in two payments of 50% percent each subject to appropriation each fiscal year, after meeting all required criteria in phases of production, and post-production; 80% of the Production Days must be filmed in Duval County; 70% of Cast and Crew must be Duval County residents; 50% of vendors must be Duval County businesses and with best efforts used to hire micro small businesses (fewer than 10 full-time equivalent employees) for at least 15% of the aforementioned vendors. The City of Jacksonville logo must be included in the credits along with the following statement: “This motion picture was made possible, in part, by a grant from the City of Jacksonville”; Promotional stills, behind-the-scenes photos and marketing materials for the Project shall be provided to the Jacksonville Film & Television Office prior to the Project's release for use on social media, promotional materials, and other marketing efforts.

Download The Fostering Filmmakers Grant Program Form and email it to

The form can also be filled out below
Give a brief description of this production project, noting that additional links to documentation will be required with your application to provide further details.
Are you collaborating with any individuals or other organizations for this project? If so, please list their name/organization and their role.
Please describe the plans for the project after completion (i.e., film festival submission, distribution channels, events/screenings, etc.)
Have you applied for any other Duval County grants (currently for this project or in the past for any projects) and if so, which one(s)? Please provide specific grant title(s) and dollar amounts and project title(s)
Provide any additional information you want to be considered as a part of this incentive application or items that may provide supplementary background information on your project or company.
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